Green management implementation in accommodation facilities in Bulgaria


eco-friendly accommodation facility, environmental measures, green management, hotel industry, services

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Scholz, P. (2019). Green management implementation in accommodation facilities in Bulgaria. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 68(1), 16. Retrieved from


Sustainability is currently one of the major priorities of tourism all over the world. This paper deals with applying elements of green management in accommodation facilities in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. It analyses the implementation of green management elements and the principles of sustainable development in accommodation services. It focuses on accommodation facilities and
their use, and environmental measures. The primary survey was conducted from May until June 2018 and we used a questionnaire survey to obtain primary data. We used the methods of scientific work; and, i.e., the analysis method, a generalization method, mathematical, and statistical methods. A total of 96 accommodation facilities participated in this research and they reached the best results with sorting containers, dual flush toilets, compact fluorescent lamps, and LED lamps. We state that the surveyed accommodation facilities should invest more funds in green initiatives and acquaint employees and guests with this philosophy.

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