Adaptation plans to climate change – range and quality of input data


urban adaptation plans, climate change, data collection

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Głogowska, M., & Bronder, J. (2019). Adaptation plans to climate change – range and quality of input data. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 68(1), 15. Retrieved from


One of the most important elements of the process of developing the urban plans for adaptation to climate change is a gathering proper data. It will have an influence on the quality of the final work, its accuracy, reliability, determining the adaptation option and decide on its success. In the first part of the paper the experience in collecting data from the English-language literature which were
published between 1999-2016 has been presented. A search was carried via, and or In the next part of the paper the main information sources which will be referred to when developing MPAs (Miejskie Plany Adaptacji – Urban Adaptation Plan) in Polish cities have been identified. At the end, the requirements for conducting proper and reliable geostatistical analyses have been presented. In the article the main framework of resources required for MPAs was established. This will allow maintaining the level of quality of documents received and avoid the mistakes.

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