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park, promotion, tourism, “Janowskie Forest”

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Mazurek-Kusiak, A. (2016). OCENA INFRASTRUKTURY TURYSTYCZNEJ ORAZ PROMOCJA PRODUKTÓW TURYSTYCZNYCH PARKU KRAJOBRAZOWEGO „LASY JANOWSKIE”. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 56(1), 11. Retrieved from https://ekonomiaisrodowisko.pl/journal/article/view/307


The aim of the study was to assess the tourism infrastructure and promotion of tourist products in the Landscape Park „Janowskie Forests”. The research was carried out by a diagnostic survey using survey techniques and direct interviews. Promotion of tourism products of the parks parks should be monitored in a thoughtful way, because on the one hand natural attractions, historical and cultural of the park should be promoted, and on the other hand the number of tourists should be monitored that have not made damage to valuable protected areas. Uncontrolled growth of the number of tourists can be a serious threat to the environment. Please note that the parks in the fi rst place are aimed at conservation of resources and the natural, historical and cultural values of the area, and only the second popularization and dissemination of these values in conditions of rational management. The basic form of promotion of tourist products in landscape parks should be educational activities in the form of workshops and training for children, youth, teachers, tourists. Because of it the ecological attitude can be propagated among children and young people from an early age, and the interest in nature and forms of its protection can be promoted and the biggest attractions of the park can be presented (73.6% of responses).

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