The requirement of obtaining an environmental decision in the case of investment concerning a road reconstruction – case study


decision, environment, procedure, evaluation


The goal of this article is to present the procedure for obtaining an environmental decision using the example of an investment involving the reconstruction of a road. The case study concerned the reconstruction of a public municipal road No. 178044N Prostki – Ostrykół – Lipińskie Małe, Prostki municipality, Ełcki poviat, Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship of the length of 4308.50m against legal regulations of obtaining environmental decisions. Through the interpretation of legal regulations, it was established that the described investment – under certain conditions – does not require obtaining an environmental decision. Based on literature studies, basic concepts and activities pertaining to the procedure of obtaining environmental decisions in Poland were presented. Moreover, the conclusions obtained as part of the research may prove useful to public investors who are obligated to verify their
investments in terms of their legal compliance during the planning stage.

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