Sustainable enterprise by sustainable product? A case of smart home systems


sustainable development, sustainable enterprise, sustainable product, smart home

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Słupik, Sylwia, and Paweł Lorek. 2019. “Sustainable Enterprise by Sustainable Product? A Case of Smart Home Systems ”. Economics and Environment 69 (2): 14.


The notion of sustainable development becomes an increasingly important element in economic and social development planning. Therefore, in this context, such notions have appeared as: sustainable consumption, sustainable product or sustainable enterprise. The first part of the article contains identification of the notion of a sustainable enterprise and the determinants characterizing
such an entity. In the second part an attempt has been made to assess whether the product in the form of an electric energy consumption management system can be considered a sustainable product. This evaluation has been conducted using the analysis of potential economic, social and environmental effects accompanying the use of electric energy consumption management systems in households.
This assessment is to estimate the chances for obtaining the sustainability status by IT enterprises. 

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