Green Cities in Asia – case studies


green city, investment, sustainable development, Asia

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Szyja, Paulina. 2019. “Green Cities in Asia – Case Studies”. Economics and Environment 69 (2): 15.


The idea of the green city is gaining importance across the world due to the image of cities as well as some economical, social, and especially ecological reasons. The term and praxis of the green city is a material for research and analysis of various science disciplines. We can point out to different specificity of green cities due to their genesis, role of the government and local authorities in development programming, the role of private-public partnership etc. The purpose of the article is to highlight specific elements of development of green cities in Asia on the basis of three case studies and to precise the possible categorization in terms of the mentioned term. The methodology is based on literature review and a study visit. The limitations of the research are related to the current construction of two out of three green cities being analysed. Practical implication of the paper is the issue of the level of activities undertaken to create green cities from scratch or with the use of a smart technology. The problem of green cities is not enough developed in Poland, neither in theoretical nor in practical aspects. More attention is put on the issue of sustainability or

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