attractiveness, tourist attractions, the municipality of Białowieża, Białowieża Forest

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Jalinik, M. . (2017). THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF BIAŁOWIEŻA FOREST. Economics and Environment, 61(2), 11.


The forest complex area of the Bialowieza Forest is a great monument of history and culture, and also a place of many important historical events. The motive of arrival to the Bialowieza Forest is mainly the attractiveness of the area,  geographic location, international events and historical conditions.
The purpose of the study is to analyze and evaluate tourist traffi c in the area of Białowieża Forest on the basis of surveys conducted in the month of June 2016. Frequently opinions are expressed that tourists come to Białowieża for a longer holiday or they are engaged exclusively in a kind of scientific research. Therefore the author decided to investigate such a supposition, trying to find out, by survey research, from which places and towns and for how long tourists come, as well as what is their main purpose of arrival. The author of the study has conducted a study using the questionnaire technique among the owners of accommodation facilities and eating places, as well as visitors to the municipality Białowieża and the Forest. Studies have shown that there is currently no unifi ed vision of creating attractions for the Bialowieza Forest, and above all systemic solutions at the level of commune and the region.

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