Economic and tourist functions of the forests in Lublin province


forest, Lublin province, forest functions

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Mazurek-Kusiak, A. K. (2018). Economic and tourist functions of the forests in Lublin province. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 65(2), 15. Retrieved from


The research objective was to present social and economic functions of forests in Lublin Province against the background of other Polish provinces, at the same time pointing at the most important functions performed by the forests of the studied region. The research was conducted with the use of the diagnostic survey method by employing the technique of questionnaire, statistical data
analysis and the analysis of the documentation made available by the Directorate of National State Forests. The forests of Lublin Province yield the most forest berries in Poland (on average 2725,29 tons a year). The main motivation for visiting forests among rural residents and inhabitants of small towns is the collection of forest berries and mushrooms; 61.0% and 50.8% respectively, while for inhabitants of larger cities it is recreational tourism and rest opportunities (67.8%). The added value of the study is cohesive factsheet of the economic and social functions of forests in the Lublin Voivodship. 

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