Use of the waste fraction from bioethanol production from sugar beets for the production of Chlorella Vulgaris species microalgae biomass


microalgae, bioethanol production, photobioreactors, Chlorella vulgaris


The objective of this study was to determine the possibility of using a liquid waste fraction generated in the process of bioethanol production from sugar beets for biomass production from Chlorella vulgaris microalgae. The process of microalgae culture was conducted in three variants differing in the volume of the liquid phase fed to the technological system. The highest technological
effects in biomass growth were noted in the experimental variants in which the distillery stillage constituted 5% and 7% of culture medium volume. Concentration of biomass achieved in these variants reached 1416±45.30 mgo.d.m./dm3 and 1458.3±54.52 mgo.d.m./dm3 , respectively. Increasing the content of the liquid waste fraction in the medium to 10% caused significant growth inhibition of biomass of algae from the species Chlorella vulraris. The use of such a culture medium for microalgae biomass production requires its pre-treatment to remove organic compounds, color and turbidity. 

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