Environmental responsibility of respect index companies


Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility, corporate social responsibility, Respect Index, enterprise


The aim of the article is to explain one of the three areas of CSR environmental responsibility. The CSR initiatives aimed at the environment, which are implemented by selected Respect Index companies, will be presented, 5 companies with a similar profile of activity in the industrial sector were selected for the survey. The subject of the study was the analysis of reports, briefs prepared by companies and information from websites. The subject of the study are selected listed companies, which were included in the 10th edition of the Respect Index. Adequate research methods were necessary to achieve the objective of this article. The methods of analysis of literature, analysis of reports, briefs, the comparison method and the observation method were applied.

Companies perceive the problems of the natural environment and that care for its condition is a priority for them. The main objective of the activities carried out by the companies in the field of environmental protection is the implementation of business strategies, promotion of an appropriate image, as well as promotion of ecology and effective waste management. The analysis of environmental practices shows that environmental education is one of the most popular measures taken. Not only children, but also consumers, customers, residents of large cities, and representatives of specific industries are the targets of the activities.

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