The role of urban gardening in building city resilience to climate change


urban gardening
climate change
urban resilience

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Burchard-Dziubińska, M. (2021). The role of urban gardening in building city resilience to climate change. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 78(3), 32–43. Retrieved from


This article has two purposes. The first is to illustrate the role that urban gardening can play in building city resilience to various negative impacts caused by changes in the economic and social spheres, as well as their connection to global warming. The second goal is to investigate whether Polish cities use urban gardening to strengthen the resilience of socio-economic systems to climate change. Based on literature studies, experiences and contemporary trends in urban gardening in different countries were presented as a key factor for improving the resilience of cities. Some initiatives and projects were described based on dedicated websites. To formulate recommendations for Polish cities, the results of the “Let’s Feel the Climate” project, under which 44 urban adaptation plans were developed, were subjected to critical analysis. Worldwide, the usage of urban gardening to strengthen cities' resilience to climate change is becoming more and more common. Polish cities have yet to join this positive trend.

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