"Economics and Environment"  No. 74

Dariusz Pieńkowski, A conceptual framework to design sustainable pension policy

Grażyna Karmowska, Nino Mikiashvili,  The assessment of development convergence among post-socialist countries based on selected indices
Natalya Andryeyeva, Hanna Tiutiunnyk, Borys Burkynskyi, Nina Khumarova, Larysa Kupinets, Methodological approach of investment and innovation regional environmental policy using the smart specialization and quintuple helix models
Marta Nalewajko, Use of waste materials in alkaline-activated lightweight concrete
Elżbieta Gołąbeska, The profitalbility of investing in passive housing in Poland
Rauba Krystyna, Karolina Szerenos, Social evaluation of the implementation of household-level sewage treatment plants on the example of the municipality of Juchnowiec Kościelny
Kazimierz Górka, Review of the book: “Ekonomia i zarządzanie w inżynierii środowiska” 

"Economics and Environment"  No. 73

Barbara Fura, Methodological basis for research on the relationship between environmental initiatives and business competitiveness

Ryszard Janikowski, Transformation towards a circular economy in the Polish armed forces

Demetrio Miloslavo Bova, Jerzy Śleszyński, Sustainable development indicators: the Italian equitable and sustainable wellbeing approach and its application to the local level

Piotr P. Małecki, Development of fees for placing waste on landfill and their influence on the management of municipal waste

Stefan Demcak, Magdalena Balintova, Marian Holub, The removal of sulphate ions from model solutions and their influence on ion exchange resins

Gabriela Hanus, The phenomenon of ecologisation in the food behaviour of Poles – results of empirical research

Aleksandra Pawełko, Life in a clean environment as a personal interest

Maciej Cieślukowski, Taxation of golf courses in Poland and selected countries in the context of sustainable development

Bernadeta Gołębiowska, Energy literacy in Poland

Eugeniusz Kośmicki, Review of the book: “The world of contemporary ornamental perennials and gardens”


"Economics and Environment"  No. 72

Agnieszka Becla, Stanisław Czaja, Dilemmas of information society and challenges to responsible development  

Justyna Godawska, Framing effect and public support for the environmental policy 

Piotr Bołtryk, Conversion of agricultural land into non-agricultural land in Poland 

Mirosława Witkowska-Dąbrowska, Agnieszka Napiórkowska-Baryła, Natalia Świdyńska, Harmonization of criteria and operationalization of sustainable development indicators in the assessment of bioproducts 

Urszula Motowidlak, The potential for road transport companies to implement adaptation measures concerning climate change

Adam Pawlicz, Ana-Marija Vrtodusic Hrgovic, Spatial issues of sharing economy development in Polish accommodation market 

Walery Jezierski, Beata Sadowska, Economic effects of changes in the required thermal insulation of building partitions in Poland

Anna Stronczek, Łukasz Waksmundzki, MSGO-EcoTech System as a tool to support enterprises in the implementation of extended producer responsibility (EPR) 

Eleonora Ratowska-Dziobiak, Insurance awareness in the field of weather risks 

Małgorzata Ćwiek, Beata Pater, Tourist traffic in national parks in Poland 

Ewa Lisowska-Mieszkowska, UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution – 40 years of action for cleaner air