"Economics and Environment"  No. 65

Krzysztof Boryczko, Janusz Rak, Analysis and evaluation of hazards in emergency situations

in water supply systems

Piotr Rynkowski, Numerical modelling of heat loss through the cover  in the anaerobic digester

Manzoor Ahmad, Han Hengyi, Zia Ur Rahman, Shehzad Khan, Zia Ullah Khan, Zeeshan Khan,

Carbon Emissions, Energy Use, Gross Domestic Product and Total Population in China

Aldona Harasimowicz, Green spaces as a part of the city structure

Tomasz Cichoń, Jadwiga Królikowska, Accuracy of water meters during their operation

Joanna Gwoździej-Mazur, Kamil Świętochowski, Bartosz Kaźmierczak, Analysis of water losses

and failure frequency in an urban-rural water supply system

Mateusz Rogowski, Use of Monitoring System of tourist traffic (MStt) in Stołowe Mts. National Park for visitors description

Wojciech Kruszyński, Jacek Dawidowicz, Dariusz Andraka, Joanna Tomaszewska, Application and digital implementation GIS data to computer modeling  of the sanitary sewage network in Podlaskie voivodship

Anna Krzysztofek, Environmental responsibility of respect index companies

Krystyna Rauba, Agata Zimińska, The evaluation of the public perception of the implementation of “Rajgród FW6 Polska wind farm”

Iwona Skoczko, Ewa Szatyłowicz, Analysis and assessment of air quality in the city of Bialystok in 2012-2017

Anna Werner-Juszczuk, The influence of thermal bridges on the operation of underfloor heating system

Monika Kolendo, Daily water demand variations in the Bialystok water distribution system in light of chosen economic and environmental conditions

Marcin Dębowski, Marcin Zieliński, Magda Dudek, Paulina Rusanowska, Use of the waste fraction from bioethanol production from sugar beets for the production of Chlorella Vulgaris species microalgae biomass

Elżbieta Wołejko, Urszula Wydro, Agata Jabłońska-Trypuć, Andrzej Butarewicz, Tadeusz Łoboda,

Pseudomonas fluoresces occurrence in soil after fertilization with sewage sludge

Małgorzata Krasowska, Zofia Tyszkiewicz, Soils from buffer zones in the agricultural catchment – selected physical, chemical, and biological properties`

 Anna K. Mazurek-Kusiak, Economic and tourist functions of the forests in Lublin province

Roman Kisiel, Joanna Zielińska-Szczepkowska, Dominika Taradejna, Natural and cultural resources of Green Kurpie as drivers of tourism development

Piotr Dominik, Anna Fabisiak, Józef Grochowicz, Variety of raw materials in the formation

of traditional culinary products as a tourist attraction

Aleksander Kiryluk, Economic and environmental aspects of the cultivation of energy

plants in the Podlasie province


"Economics and Environment"  No. 64

Stanisław Czaja, Interpretation of economic and environmental barriers in Polish economic and ecological thought

Aleksander Panasiuk, Promotional dilemmas of a tourism product of environmentally valuable areas

Paweł Lorek, Sustainable innovation as an important factor of firm development

Mariusz Malinowski, Magdalena Jaworska, Diversification of the level of sustainable development in EU member states with the use of taxonomic methods

Monika Niedziółka, Economic security on rural areas

Agnieszka Becla, The importance of information in sustainable management of natural resources (natural capital) at the local level (in the light of empirical research)

Jolanta Fieducik, An analysis of electricity generation in a wind farm in north-eastern Poland – a case study

Tomasz Herodowicz, The spatial differentiation of the intervention of the regional policy of the EU supporting pro-environmental economic changes in Poland

Anna Bisaga, Stanisława Sokołowska, The role of instruments of the Common Agricultural Policy in securing sustainable development of rural areas. a case study of Opole Province

Jan Zawadka, Joanna Pietrzak-Zawadka, The forest arborets and their activities for forest and nature education

Anna Maria Klepacka, Patrycja Szmulewicz, Sustainable development and forestation rate in selected voivodships in Poland .

Marta Nalewajko, Recycling of construction waste as one of the aspects of sustainable construction

Marianna Dębniewska, Jarosław Skorwider-Namiotko, Karol Wojtowicz, Risk assessment of tourism companies listed on the stock exchange based on their financial reporting

Joanna Mączyńska, Adam Kupczyk, Conventional biofuels in respects of sustainable development

Alicja Stolarska, Non-agricultural self-employment as a factor of economic inclusion of the rural population

Sławomir Jankiewicz, Dominika Mierzwa, Renewable energy sources as a basis for sustainable development of rural areas

Aleksander Wasiuta, Labor market in Poland in the context of renewable energy sector development

Janusz Majewski, Pollination value as an ecosystem service

Marian Flis, Preventive vaccination of foxes against rabies - economic and environmental aspects

Maciej Cieślukowski, Taxation of tourism enterprises in Poland in the years 2010-2015

Eugeniusz Kośmicki, Professor Hans Christoph Binswanger – life and work of an outstanding Swiss economist (19 June 1929 – 18 January 2018)